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Evangelos Houndasis was born in Evia, Greece in 1968. He moved to Athens in 1984 and from very young he worked in various art foundries, until 2007. In 2008 he establishes his own foundry VP TASSIS. Working since 13 years old in the foundries he has mastered the technique of the lost wax. This knowledge in casting from his experience for so many years in the foundries has given him the opportunity to experiment and bring forward solutions that elevate the creative quality of processing and casting the sculpture. His knowledge also as a practicing sculptor has contributed immensely in understanding, τhe art casting.

Since 2008 his son Panayiotis, has been working in the foundry and has proved a valuable assistant and technician. The foundry in recent years has begun to collaborate with artists from Europe and especially in England. The foundries collaboration with artist’s and projects is growing day by day, but the core of its values is in the ethics of a high service and excellent quality and craftsmanship that comes first, above all.




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We use the lost wax technique, knowledge of the heritage of ancient Greek method and technique developed before 2500 years and is used until today. The casting of the art work can be done in the material of your choice, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, silver, gold, pewter, lead or resin. We use stainless metal, capable and resistant to corrosion, oxidation and weathering.


In our foundry we pride ourselves in the quality of the finished sculpture. We have a wide selection of finishes and patinas that can be achieved. Our patinas are absolutely indestructible and resistant to corrosion. We are always open to new ideas the artist may have and his artistic proposals. It is the joy of alchemy and experimentation that leads to perfect results. We live a creative process that starts and ends in pure satisfaction.


The foundry is in a position to satisfy your wish of scaling up or down your original sculpture. We work with a team of experienced technicians either using the latest art technology, or traditional methods. Please just contact us and we will assist with any project/commission you have.


We provide a wide range of mould making services to meet all your requirements. The Foundry works mainly with high quality silicone rubber. It is the fastest and safest way of making a copy of the original work. These services can be provided at the foundry or at a specified location on site.


Our foundry does not only address to artists, but also to art lovers that appreciate sculpture. If you not an artist and you have an idea or photographic images of what you want to create, since we know what is requested, we will suggest remarkable artists where you can delegate the creation of your item. Our partnership with professional artists allows us to recommend solutions to your ideas.


At V.P.TASSIS in addition to sculpture production, we offer our services in repairs and restoration of sculptures from minor scratches to serious disasters. We can repair accurately and bring the sculpture to its original form and glory. The reclamation work applies to all materials we cast.


Stone and marble bases, wooden and metal plinths. Some sculptures need a base for balance reasons and other sculptures for aesthetic reasons. Our relationship with carpenters, sculptors, marble craftsmen allows us to provide quality bases for the effective presentation of your sculpture. We can also advise you and recommend solutions for the most harmonious presentation of the sculpture


The sculptures, created and manufactured in our foundry, carry the foundries quality seal discreetly on the sculpture. The edition number of the piece is also mentioned and the artist decides where he prefers his signature to be placed.


We work with and we can take οn or introduce you to professional photographers with years of activity and experience in photographing art works and specific sculpture. The photo shoot can take place either in the studio or in the space where the art work is.


The foundry collaborates with a contemporary gallery in Athens at the artistic district of Ghazi, and organizes solo and group exhibitions promoting sculpture.


We can take care of your sculpture until the final destination. Once the sculpture has been created, during the time that should be delivered and installed, it requires full attention and care. The foundry provides a complete packaging, transport and installation services to global destinations, to suit all your needs for works of any proportions.


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